‘Gazza was in my car and opened window to stick ice cream on cyclist’s nose’

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    Gary Lineker has revealed how a car trip with Gazza once ended with the England hero sticking his ice cream on the end of a furious cyclist's nose.

    There are enough legendary stories of Paul Gascoigne's brilliant wit and humour from down the years to fill a book, with Lineker witnessing many at first hand from his days playing alongside the midfielder for club and country.

    The two former stars spent three years together as team-mates at Tottenham where it seems Gazza was at the peak of his prank-pulling powers. From chasing an ostrich round the training pitch to denting the club's famous golden cockerel with an air rifle, mischief was never too far from Gazza – and Lineker's latest yarn is another cracker.

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    Asked on The Rest is Football podcast which of his former team-mates he would pick to spend a weekend with in Amsterdam, Lineker's mind immediately drifted to the captain of chaos. "I'd be tempted to go with Gazza but I don't think I could manage two days with him," he joked, before recalling his hilarious experience.

    "I remember driving, I think it was going from training to somewhere else, to the ground or something. There was an ice cream van and Gazza went: 'I want an ice cream'. So I went: 'Oh, okay.' So we stopped and we all got a cone with like a 99 flake.

    "Gazza was sitting next to me in the passenger seat and there was a cyclist going on, and we pulled up to the traffic lights and they were on red and the cyclist stopped and Gazza winds his window down and goes: 'Alright, mate?'

    "And the fella looks at him, and [Gazza] sticks his ice cream on his nose, puts it on the end, and then the lights change and we go and this fella's going "you *******" and he's going off on one, riding on his bike chasing us. Honestly, the things he used to do."

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