Government ‘pave way’ for Liverpool to secure Premier League title on Merseyside

The Government has given Liverpool a huge boost in their bid to win the Premier League title on Merseyside.

Recent requests from the police saw them ask for the game which would see the Reds crowned champions to be played away from Merseyside amid fears of mass gatherings.

But the decision on whether to seek a neutral venue rests with the local authority group based in the city.

Liverpool only require a matter of points to win their first league title in 30 years.

Jurgen Klopp's side have looked like champions elect for much of the season and excitement on Merseyside has been palpable.

And Oliver Dowden, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, has said it is for the city's Safety Advisory Group, which is includes councillors, police, football club representatives and public health experts, to make the decision.

The chances of the Liverpool-based organisation deciding that the city's population cannot be trusted to keep away from their return game against Everton and their following clash against Crystal Palace is unlikely.

Although the latter of those two games could see the Reds crowned as champions.

But council sources insist that the decision will be made based on analysis presented by health experts.

Dowden said at the Downing Street briefing: "There is a well-established mechanism through the local safety authority to determine whether it is appropriate to have a match as scheduled at a home venue or not.

"If a determination is made that it is not safe to do so, then clearly fans should listen to that.

"I pay tribute to fans because, in common with the British people, they have taken a sensible approach to this. They understand what they are doing."

Dowden also stated that the Merseyside derby would be released by Sky Sports as a free-to-air fixture, as they aim to prevent fans gathering at the stadium.

The MP also added: "Football's coming back."

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