Haaland's Y-fronts photo with Noel Gallagher sparks 45% rise in sales

Erling Haaland has made Y-fronts trendy! Man City superstar’s Calvin Klein pants, from a photo with Noel Gallagher, ‘spark a 45% rise in sales’ as men pick briefs over boxer shorts

  • Erling Haaland posed alongside Oasis rockstar Noel Gallagher in his pants 
  • Since the photo surfaced online, demand for Y-fronts has bizarrely risen 
  • Analysts searching for the ‘hottest’ items found the pants topped the pile 

Manchester City striker Erling Haaland appears to have inadvertently set a new trend, with one particular photo sending sales of Y-fronts skyrocketing.

Haaland was snapped inside City’s dressing room alongside Noel Gallagher after his side’s victory over Arsenal on April 26, but posed with the rockstar in his pants.

Bizarrely, since the picture surfaced on social media, demand for the smalls has increased, leading to sales rising by a staggering 45 per cent.  

Bosses at TOFS, a discount department store chain with over 200 locations around the UK, revealed that shelves have been ‘stripped bare’ thanks to the record-breaking City striker.

Indeed, analysts in search of the ‘hottest’ items found that Y-fronts topped the pile. 

Erling Haaland posing with Oasis rockstar Noel Gallagher (right) has skyrocketed Y-front sales

Manchester City striker Haaland has made an inadvertent impact on men’s fashion this season

The superstar takes great care of his nutrition and follows a strict regime on and off the pitch

TOFS’ chief merchandising officer has revealed the extent of Haaland’s influence. 

‘Y-fronts have faced strong competition in the past from boxer shorts but Haaland has sparked a revival in interest in this traditional menswear staple,’ Tracy Ford said.

Haaland, 22, openly donned the classic type of underwear earlier this season, forcing supporters to look away. He posed for the picture in his rolled-up Calvin Kleins while also holding a trademark spinach and kale laced milk smoothie.

Later, Gallagher provided an insight into his chat with the in-form frontman.

‘I’ve just been with him in the dressing room and he’s like a young kid,’ he said.

‘He’s walking around in his underpants telling me he can’t wait until I meet his uncle, who I’ve never met.

‘He’s gutted he’s not scored a hat-trick. He’s like a big, mad child. He is an incredible footballer.’

Haaland’s questionable choice of undergarment is the latest example of his brash, outlandish style. Previously, he lifted the lid on his rigorous healthy diet.

Haaland has scored 52 goals in 49 games this season and fired City to the cusp of the treble

Previously, he revealed a bizarre diet of heart and liver that has helped him keep his standards

The 22-year-old also revealed that he only drinks water through a complicated filter system

To remain in peak condition, the ace consumes 6000 calories a day and feasts on cow’s heart and liver. He also only drinks water through a filter system and ensures he is exposed to sunlight in the morning to aid his ‘circadian rhythm’. 

He also takes regular ice baths and filters out blue light to improve his sleep. 

So far this season, the red-hot Haaland has scored 52 goals from 49 appearances and helped fire his side to the cusp of a sensational treble.

City require just one more victory to win the Premier League, while they have reached both the Champions League and FA Cup final.

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