Harry Maguire admits he can't bear to watch the Euro 2020 final back

Harry Maguire admits he CANNOT watch the Euro 2020 final back and says he may only see England’s heartbreaking shootout loss to Italy after he retires… but the defender insists he’s proud of Three Lions’ journey

  • Harry Maguire admits he still hasn’t watched England’s Euro 2020 final defeat  
  • The United defender says the shootout loss to Italy is still too painful to re-live 
  • He may only watch it when he is retired, but is proud of England’s journey 

Harry Maguire got the words out as fast as he could, shaking his head repeatedly, as the conversation returned to the night that left an ache in his heart.

The Manchester United defender did all he could in the European Championship final against Italy, even thrashing home an unstoppable penalty in the shootout, and could hold his head high after his efforts in helping England reach that point.

So, had he watched the game back on video?

England defender Harry Maguire admits he cannot bear to rewatch the Euro 2020 final 

Maguire said the prospect of reliving the shootout loss to Italy at Wembley was still too painful

‘No. No. No,’ said Maguire, with a rueful smile. ‘I haven’t watched any of it. Only a few short videos and things you get tagged in, but I have not sat down and watched it. I don’t think it is something I would want to do. Will I watch it in the future? Erm, I don’t know. At the moment I can’t see it.

‘Maybe in the future I will sit and watch the journey back from the start to the end and the goals, but at the moment it is something I want to stay away from.’

It is only 54 days since England got so near.

So much has happened since then — Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have joined new clubs, for instance — but for those connected with the national squad, the nagging sense of frustration will not go away.

Maguire did his bit in the shootout – slamming home his spotkick to keep their hopes alive

But he remains proud of the journey England went on as the prepare for the next chapter

Perhaps there will be a moment when they can all reflect with pride on their efforts but the wounds are so raw for Maguire, who will help lead the charge against Hungary tonight, that he has not been able to take a look at the medal he received.

‘Of course it was a proud journey,’ said Maguire. ‘Every time I play for my country I keep my shirt, I keep my caps. I will be keeping the medal, for sure. But it is not something I will look at on a regular basis, I must say.

‘I put it to one side and haven’t looked at it since, but it is a proud moment to reach the final, and a semi-final of a World Cup. Getting to the final of a European Championship has not been done before in England’s history.

‘Maybe when I am retired I will look at my achievements and I might end up watching the final. But at the moment I am looking forward to the future and where we can go as a team.’

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