Hollywood stars Reynolds and McElhenney to present vision for Wrexham

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to present vision for Wrexham to supporters on Sunday as acting duo face fan vote on whether sensational takeover of non-league side goes through

  • Wrexham fans will vote on the sensational takeover by two Hollywood actors
  • Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are attempting to buy the non-league side
  • The actors will present their vision to Wrexham Supporters’ Trust members
  • Following Sunday’s Zoom call, members will then cast a vote on the takeover 

Wrexham fans may well have stars in their eyes this Sunday as Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney present their vision for the non-league club.

The acting duo, who are attempting to buy the fifth division team through The R.R McReynolds Company, LLC, will address members of the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust (WST) on a Zoom call to explain why they are pressing on to purchase the club.

Reynolds and McElhenney, who are proposing to pump £2million into the cash-strapped Welsh side, will then face a vote from WST members as to whether the incredible takeover will get the green light. 

Hollywood actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds (pictured) looking to invest in Wrexham

Reynolds and McElhenney (pictured) are ready to ‘put forward their vision’ for non league club

Wrexham have been in non-league since 2008 and have been owned by supporters since 2011 

Following news of the takeover update, McElhenney insisted that he ‘is not extraordinary’

Voting will commence on Monday November 9 but fans will have a chance to hear from the duo.  

Reynolds is best known for his role as Marvel superhero Deadpool, and McElhenney from the sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The plan for the Zoom call is to allow supporters to discuss the sale; to discuss and consult with members on the amendment to the rules; to allow WST members to share views on the ownership bid.

For the sensational takeover to go through, Reynolds and McElhenney require 75 per cent in favour to press on with the sale.

Wrexham, whose Racecourse Ground is pictured on September 17, are the oldest football club in Wales and the third oldest football club in the world having been founded in 1864

‘We now stand at a cross roads,’ the WST said in correspondence sent to members. 

‘But it is a significant crossroads with two very different potential paths for the club going forward.’ 

While there would be further steps to take, the fan vote from WST members is seen as the final hurdle between the actors and the acquisition of the Welsh team. 

There will be 2,108 members eligible to vote on the takeover. 

Reynolds and McElhenney had already received 97.5 per cent support from a vote held by the WST to allow them a chance to progress their ownership bid to this point. 

Reynolds, who has varied business interests, replied to a 2012 tweet that said: ‘You never know when Ryan Reynolds is going to turn up in Wrexham.’ The Canadian-born actor told his 16.5million Twitter followers: ‘Yep, you never know.’

Wrexham are the oldest football club in Wales and the third oldest football club in the world having been founded in 1864.

They fell out of the football league in 2008 and have remained a non-league club since then and became fan-owned in 2011. 

Managed by Dean Keates, the club currently sit 13th after the opening six games with two wins, three defeats and a draw. 

Both Reynolds and McElhenney have spent recent weeks responding to the complete disbelief online following the announcement from the club of their interest.

 McElhenney has been keeping up to date with Wrexham matches by watching on movie sets

The Deadpool actor retweeted an eight year old tweet that coincidentally mentioned about him turning up in the Northern Welsh town. 

He comically quoted: ‘Yep, you never know’ and followed that up with ‘I’ve waited eight years to respond to this tweet’.

Meanwhile, McElhenney has shown himself watching the matches this season on live streams, to mixed success with two defeats and a draw in the last three. 

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