‘I played for Man Utd and call myself Chocrates – but people think I’m weird’

Brian McClair was a key part of Manchester United's first great Premier League side – and he turned into a cult hero with his column in the club magazine: Choccy’s Diary.

McClair went by the nickname Choccy during his playing days – as his name rhymed with chocolate eclair. However, these days, McClair calls himself Chocrates, due to his bold new look.

The United hero looks completely different from his playing days, after growing out his hair and beard. Football fans joked he looked like he'd starred in Castaway when a snap of the Scotsman circled on social media.

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Speaking to The Telegraph, about his hair, he said: “It started in lockdown. I just thought: let things grow, see where we end up. Then before Christmas, I decided to have a tidy up, but I never got round to it.

"I was out one night and next thing I see I’m trending on social media as ‘old man down the pub’. I’ve had the trim since. You’ll be disappointed to hear I look a wee bit less as though I’ve been cast away on a desert island.”

McClair never had long hair during his 11-year stay at Old Trafford – where he won 14 trophies, including four Premier League titles.

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McClair joked: “I think I’m normal, others think I’m weird. I tend to notice bizarre things, bizarre things come out of my head."

The Scotsman now runs his own podcast, Life With Brian, which he joked: "I know, number one in Costa Rica. Yet another bizarre thing in my life.”


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