I'm not sorry! Nuno REFUSES to apologise for Lee Mason comments

I’m not sorry! Nuno Espirito Santo REFUSES to apologise for saying referee Lee Mason ‘doesn’t have the quality’ for Premier League games and ‘cannot control players’ after Wolves were beaten by Burnley

  • Nuno Espirito Santo has refused to apologise for his comments on Lee Mason
  • The  Wolves boss claimed he doesn’t have the quality for the Premier League 
  • The manager said he would only apologise for for his timing of the comments  

Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo has refused to apologise for his comments over referee Lee Mason’s performance following the 2-1 Premier League defeat to Burnley on Monday.

The Football Association has sought observations from Nuno after he said Mason ‘does not have the quality to whistle a game in the Premier League’ and that he did not want to see the Bolton official again.

Nuno, who said he will speaking to the FA about his comments on December 29, said: ‘I should apologise the timing of my comments.

Nuno Espirito Santo has refused to apologise for his comments over referee Lee Mason

The Wolves claimed the official doesn’t have the quality to referee in the Premier League

‘They were not in the best moment to come across because it could be a bad interpretation. I won’t apologise for my words and thoughts.’

Nuno insisted he had never questioned the integrity of referees during his managerial career.

He said: ‘I never ever judge or question the integrity of a referee. I never did it and I will never do it in my life.

‘What I said was about the ability of the referee, what I felt and what I saw in the previous matches. 

Nuno said he apologised for the timing of his comments but not for his words or thoughts

‘The Premier League is the best competition in the world – the only thing missing is the fans – and we expect high levels of performance and high standards.

‘As managers and players what we expect is from the referees to be confident, maintain their authority on the pitch, to control the players and to handle the game.’

Asked whether he would stick with his comment that Mason was not good enough to officiate in the top flight, Nuno replied: ‘The Premier League has the best system in referees, and when we go to a match we expect a referee not to be a protagonist of the situation.

‘We want the referee to let the game flow and especially to control the players.

‘We have to make players understand it is a tough job, but at the same time they have to be co-operative and help the referees, as long as the referees have the dialogue like they always do.’ 

As part of his criticism of Mason after his side’s defeat at Turf Moor, Nuno said he hoped that he would not officiate any more of their games in the future.

The manager claimed that Mason is not able to control the players when he officiates games

He said: ‘The referee does not have the quality to whistle a game in the Premier League. This is a problem that we knew – we had Lee Mason before.

‘It is not about the crucial mistakes or decisions, it is about the way he handles the game.

‘The players get nervous, too much voices, he whistles by the voices when some players are shouting.

‘We are talking about the best competition and clearly he doesn’t have the quality to whistle the game. I’m very disappointed to say this but I would not feel right if I didn’t say it.

‘I just don’t want to see him more – that’s what I told him. I hope he doesn’t whistle a game of ours again because all the games we have with Lee Mason are always the same.

‘He cannot control the players, the players are constantly arguing – both teams. With all the other referees the game flows, there’s dialogue. He’s just not ready to do it.’ 

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