Jeff Stelling's TOP 10 MOMENTS from Soccer Saturday

Epic Hartlepool United celebrations, an iconic double act with Chris Kamara and always willing to speak out on important issues… Jeff Stelling’s TOP 10 MOMENTS as he gets set to present his final Soccer Saturday show

  • Jeff Stelling is stepping down from Soccer Saturday after more than 25 years 
  • The broadcaster has given us several iconic and funny memories on the show
  • Mail Sport takes a look back at the TV legend’s top 10 moments over the years

For more than 25 years, Jeff Stelling has been a staple of our Saturday afternoons, bringing us all the latest football scores and updates in an informative, enjoyable and witty way on Soccer Saturday.

But on Sunday, the legendary broadcaster will embark on his final show as he leaves Sky having joined them in 1992.

Having originally announced in October 2021 he would leave at the end of last season, Stelling subsequently agreed to stay on for one more year but confirmed in April that this time his decision was final.

The 68-year-old has given us a whole barrel of laughs and gags with his colleagues over the years, while also tackling serious topics with sensitivity and humility. 

Ahead of of his final show, Mail Sport reflects on his top 10 moments in no particular order. 

Jeff Stelling is set to present his last show as host of Soccer Saturday after more than 25 years

Uncontrollable Hartlepool celebrations

As probably the most well-known Hartlepool United supporter, Stelling was never afraid to express his love for his beloved club – where he is now the president. 

Several of his best moments on Soccer Saturday were often demonstrated by mad celebrations when they scored or heartache when something went wrong.

One dramatic relegation battle on the final day of the 2016-17 season that ultimately ended in the Pools dropping out of League Two took us on a rollercoaster ride from glee to misery.

Another specific goal in a 2015 clash with Mansfield was especially memorable, with Stelling breaking off from his rapid score updates to yell ‘BRAD WALKER’ as the former Pools midfielder netted. 

The drama wasn’t done there however as an agonisingly long period of injury time had the presenter fuming at the referee as he shouted: ‘Stay calm and keep calm. They’re still playing at Victoria Park! Blow your whistle man in black. It’s dark outside.’

When the full-time whistle blew, Stelling leapt out his seat with his arms aloft, proclaiming: ‘Thank Goodness for that,’ before barely being able to control himself when he was shown the League Two table later on in the show – showing first hand just how much his club means to him. 

Defending the town of Middlesbrough 

Stelling has never been afraid to use his platform to speak out on societal issues or stand up for the so-called ‘little guy’ and it was no different when Middlesbrough had just been voted as the worst place to live in the UK.

Defending the town, the presenter passionately said: ‘The people who compile this tosh are the type that go north of Rickmansworth only when they go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and they think everybody in the north lives in Coronation Street-style terraces. They’re the type who call their mushy peas guacamole.’

Egged on by his colleagues, he continued: ‘They’ve never been to Middlesbrough! They don’t know about the Cleveland Hills, they’ve never visited Captain Cook’s monument, they don’t know about Yarn Village. 

‘What about the famous sons and daughters of Middlesbrough? Brian Clough, they ignore him, Rory Underwood, Ray Mallin, Chris Kamara – unbelievable. They’ve forgotten about Paul Daniels.

‘Okay it’s not quite as nice as Hartlepool, but I tell you Middlesbrough is a darn fine place to live.’ 

Stelling has always been classy and full of integrity and that is one of the qualities that endeared him to so many.

Red card with Chris Kamara

Stelling and Chris Kamara became one of the most iconic duos on TV through their various quips and laughs over the years, meaning this top 10 could just be written on their best moments.

But the time when Kamara missed Anthony Vanden Borre’s red card for Portsmouth is probably the most famous clip of all-time from Soccer Saturday.

Cutting to Fratton Park, the exchange between the pair has gone down in football folklore, with the pauses, the corrections and the confused looks from them both meaning this was one of the greatest unscripted pieces of comedy between two hugely popular characters. 

Jeff Stelling (left) and Chris Kamara (right) became on of the most iconic pairings on TV

Kamara infamously missed Anthony Vanden Borre’s red card for Portsmouth and his exchange with Stelling remains one of the most iconic clips in broadcasting history

‘I don’t know Jeff has there (been a red card)?’, a bemused Kamara initially said as the hilarious conversation played out over the next 60 seconds. 

After finally realising what had gone on, he added: ‘No you’re right. I saw him go off but I thought they were bringing a sub on,’ as everyone burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

The ever-composed Stelling ended the sequence perfectly with a look to the camera as he proclaimed: ‘Cutting edge reports on Gillette Soccer Saturday.’

The call from Sky live on air 

One of the most underrated moments from Stelling’s career on Soccer Saturday was when he answered a call from Sky Broadband live on air.

Having picked up his phone, Stelling improvised, originally pretending it was his wife, leaving the rest of the panel in fits of laughter.

He eventually informed them it was actually Sky Broadband who were calling him as he continued to entertain.

Stelling then jokingly looked down the camera and pointed his finger as he said: ‘You need to be more professional.’

It was only a minute of TV, but yet again the broadcasting legend showed how hilarious he could be off-the-cuff.

Specsavers clash with Charlie Nicholas

The majority of Stelling’s time on Soccer Saturday was shared with a panel of Paul Merson, Charlie Nicholas, Matt Le Tissier and Phil Thompson and the quintet were never afraid to gently rib each other.

In late 2010, Nicholas was covering Stoke vs Blackpool when the Pools missed a chance which the Scot claimed was offside anyway.

Stelling joked: ‘You should have gone to Specsavers Charlie because he’s not offside. He’s absolutely bang onside.’ 

Stelling hilariously clashed with Charlie Nicholas after telling him he should go to Specsavers

In a reply that became an online phenomenon, Nicholas infamously retorted: ‘Well, maybe you should go also Jeff because you couldn’t see driving home the other night because you don’t even wear your glasses on TV in case you get slagged off.’

In typical classy Stelling fashion, he calmly defused the situation and made fun out of himself as he simply said: ‘I tell you what. I look very educated in my specs. I’ll wear them for you one week I promise.’

Wearing a pink wig as an apology

Stelling has always been a principled man throughout his time on the show and it was no different when he had to eat his words after criticising Nottingham Forest striker Lyle Taylor when he dyed his hair pink.

At the start of show, as the camera panned onto Stelling, he was seen sporting a flamboyant pink wig.

With typical humility, Stelling explained: ‘Now two weeks ago I made myself look stupid. Nothing new there.

‘By criticising the hair of Lyle Taylor of Nottingham Forest. It was pink and of course he was raising awareness of breast cancer as he does every year in this month (October is Breast Cancer awareness month). 

‘So Lyle, this is my apology. And I look like a Boris Johnson gone wrong. So every time you score this month Lyle, this wig goes on.’

Never change Jeff, never change. 

The broadcaster donned a pink wig as an apology to Nottingham Forest striker Lyle Taylor

Taylor dyes his hair pink every October to raise awareness for breast cancer but Stelling was unaware of this and had criticised him, before apologising once he realised

A rant about the uselessness of VAR

Stelling’s many talents as a broadcaster included an ability to read the mood and provide a voice for fans.

This was no more pertinent than in 2019, shortly after the introduction of VAR in the Premier League.

When Leicester somehow weren’t awarded a penalty in a game against Arsenal despite Matteo Guendouzi appearing to haul down Caglar Soyuncu, enough was enough for Stelling.

‘Scrap it. Scap VAR! Scrap it this weekend. Because it’s worthless, pointless and a total waste of time,’ the broadcaster fumed.

‘I would love to hear, please Mike Riley (PGMOL chief) come and speak to us, come and tell us how that’s not a penalty. Come and tell us because we can’t understand. Come and enlighten us because we are not seeing the vision at the moment.’ 

Stelling’s clear passion for the game was one of many things that only increased his popularity.

Speaking out on eating disorders

Stelling has never been afraid to tackle tricky issues in his role or raise awareness of others and an emotional monologue earlier this month saw him speak out about eating disorders and call for further government support.

‘More people die from eating orders than any other mental illness every year,’ he said. ‘The government’s lack of awareness and funding is a national disgrace.’

As he became more and more visibly upset, Stelling continued: ‘It’s 2023, eating disorders are being swept under the carpet. 

‘No one should be dying of an eating disorder in 2023. Those with eating disorders need action and help and they need it now!’ 

Another important topic that the 68-year-old discussed with humility and care which shows why Stelling will always be a hero for many.


With Soccer Saturday, usually airing from 12PM to 6PM, a site that you occasionally catch is pundits desperately trying to eat their lunch in between slots.

Ian Dowie was once caught tucking into a chocolate bar but Stelling’s rant about his sub-par BLT sandwich topped the lot.

Dissecting it live on air, Stelling held up each ingredient to the camera and lambasted them one by one.

Lifting up the bacon, he claimed it was too fatty, the lettuce was too old and added any other criticisms he could, before lobbing the sandwich in the bin with a stern warning for whoever had made it. 

Yet again, whatever the occasion or topic, Stelling found a way to make it an entertaining watch. 

Stelling’s takedown of his below-par BLT sandwich left his colleagues in fits of laughter

Technical difficulties with Kamara

It would be a shame not to have another moment from one of TV’s favourite duos and this one between Stelling and Kamara comes from 2014.

Panning to his reporter at the game between West Ham and Southampton at Upton Park, Stelling started with: ‘The second half is just underway, so who’s started the better Chris?’, cue complete silence with Kamara busy watching the game unfold.

Yet, this didn’t deter Stelling who went again: ‘Well, the second half is just underway down at Upton Park, who’s started the better Chris?’, cue the same result from a nonplussed Kamara.

On three separate occasions, the camera panned to Kamara but he was unable to be reached due to technical difficulties and was instead caught calmly watching the game unfold

And again: ‘The second half is well underway at Upton Park, Southampton back on level terms against West Ham so who’s started the better Chris?,’ but there was a hilarious third blanking with Stelling adding: ‘He has not got a scooby doo.’

Another hilarious moment in a career that has given us so many laughs – thank you for the memories Jeff!
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