Karolina Pliskova

Q & A

Q Greatest athlete in the world right now.

A I’ll go for Simona Halep because she is going to finish as world No. 1 and I think, for me, she is the best player right now.

Q A sport that is not tennis which you like to watch.

A Actually soccer now because my husband is supporting soccer a lot, so we watch soccer sometimes.

Q Last movie that you made you cry.

A Normally I don’t cry with movies, so, no movie.

Q One memory of Singapore you’ll keep with you.

A I played here two years in a row so I have very nice memories from both years. But, last year, I went to the Singapore Flyer so that’s my memory.

Q Do you think there should be on-court coaching for Grand Slams?

A No, I am for sure against it. I would cancel it in all the tournaments (laughs).

Q Weirdest thing a fan has given you or asked from you.

A They usually ask for rackets, which is normal, but I never give because I need. Normally, I get a lot of gifts in China. I get some nice pictures of myself, or some food, mooncakes I got, a lot of things. I always take it, but I never eat it (laughs).

Q One stroke you would like to steal from another player.

A Actually, my serve is pretty good but I would take the serve from Serena Williams.

Q Biggest change in tennis in last five years.

A I think it is much faster than it was before. The players are more physically ready, they run more, they are more healthy and there are not much injuries.

Q Biggest celebrity crush.

A That’s tough. I think Hugh Jackman.

Q One place you would recommend people to visit in your home country.

A I think it’s mandatory to go to Prague because it’s very beautiful. There is the old part of the city, it’s amazing.

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