Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp mocks reporter’s Christmas tree in pre-match Zoom

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp used his press conference to give a hilarious analysis of a reporter’s Christmas tree.

The Reds boss is preparing his side for the visit of Wolves to Anfield on Sunday, having secured their place in the Champions League round-of-16 against Ajax on Tuesday.

It is the first December league fixture for the Premier League champions, with six more to come before the turn of the year.

And footage has emerged of Klopp getting into the festive spirit by analysing a journalist’s Christmas tree.

In the clip, the reporter – identified as Carl Markham – is introduced to the Liverpool boss who can see all the reporters on the Zoom call.

With the press officer describing his house as “festive”, Klopp adds: “With the blue Christmas tree?

“There’s a lot of blue?”

Whether Klopp believed it was a reference to the Reds’ Merseyside rivals Everton or not, he does not seem too impressed.

But Markham goes on to point out the purple and red baubles hanging below the blue ones.

The manager is not convinced, though, saying: “It seems red is not really represented.”

When he does spot the red baubles, a huge smile covers Klopp’s face as he wait to receive the question.

This was soon shared on Twitter, where viewers were left in stitches at the manager’s antics.

“Brilliant,” one said while another commented “highlight of the presser for me”.

But Klopp was not in a good mood though the whole Zoom call as he blasted player welfare amid an injury crisis at Anfield.

"Nobody thought [5 subs] would go through," he said.

"The facts were if we voted [last month] it would have gone through but it hasn't happened since is a sign the shareholders see it different to their managers.

"[It's] not a good sign. It shows they ignore player welfare.

"We will not stop fighting for it as it's the right thing to do. I got numbers from Scotland, they had 65% subs for load management 30% for tactical and 5% for injuries.

"Sometimes you have to keep two subs because you cannot make early changes as you don't know who goes down and you end up with 10 men.

"The PL is too strong [to do that]. It is just the right thing to do [to have 5 subs]."

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