Man United, Real Madrid, MLS… where is Ronaldo likely to go next?

Cristiano Ronaldo is at a crucial stage of his career as critics claim he is ‘NOT the same player’ and should leave Juventus this summer… but where is he likely to go next? From Munich to MLS, and Paris to the Premier League, here are all his options

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has been tipped to leave Juventus in the summer window
  • At 36, he has reached a crucial stage of his career as he enters his twilight years
  • Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern Munich and Manchester United are among options 
  • A move to MLS with Inter Miami and David Beckham has also been touted 

As he approaches his 20th full season as a professional footballer, the future has never been less clear for Cristiano Ronaldo.

A five-time Ballon d’Or winner, and so often the main man at every stage of his career, he is in the middle of a difficult period at Juventus.

Brought in to win titles, Juve are 10 points off the pace in Serie A and were dumped out of the Champions League by Porto. In the aftermath, the critics have taken aim at Ronaldo, insisting he is ‘not what he was four years ago’.

Amid reports that he will be available for just over £21million this summer, what does the future hold for one of football’s greatest ever players, and where will the next chapter of his illustrious career be written? Here, Sportsmail takes a look at all the options… 

Cristiano Ronaldo has had a difficult season with Juventus and has been slammed by critics

If there’s one thing we know about Ronaldo, it’s that he doesn’t give up without a fight. He is a man that has maximised his talent through sheer hard work, spending hour upon hour on the training field and in the gym.

Therefore, he won’t be happy with his time at Juventus so far. This season, they look to have loosened their grasp on the Serie A trophy, and there has still not been the Champions League success he is so desperate to secure.

Don’t be surprised if his critics in Italy spur him on to prove them wrong, and he still has time on his contract at Juve. There are sure to be some changes in the off-season, but there’s a good chance Ronaldo will stick it out to have another go in Turin. 

The most recent quotes from inside the club were from vice president Pavel Nedved, who told DAZN: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo will stay at Juventus, he’s untouchable. Also, Andrea Pirlo will be our manager next season.’

Likelihood rating: 4/5 

 Such is his determination, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Ronaldo stay and right his wrongs

Manchester United

For a number of years, Ronaldo has been tipped for a return to Manchester – and it is not something the player has ruled out either. 

In the past, money has been a huge stumbling block, but if the £21m rumours are to be believed, it certainly makes it a lot more doable.

Of course, the wages will still be astronomic and – realistically – United will ask themselves whether bringing in Ronaldo will actually improve them on the pitch. 

Off it, the commercial value is obvious, but with the likes of Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood and Amad Diallo leading a youth revolution, bringing in a 36-year-old Ronaldo perhaps isn’t top of their wishlist.

Fans do still love the idea of a reunion 12 years on from his exit, but as it stands it’s unlikely that the stars will align for it to happen this summer.

Likelihood rating: 2/5 

Ronaldo enjoyed an amazing spell at Man United and has long-since been linked with a return

Inter Miami/any MLS club

America is an interesting move for a player like Ronaldo. MLS have big plans and their growth has been astronomical over the last decade, and they still crave big names to get more people watching around the world.

Having Ronaldo would, of course, be a huge draw for viewers and would almost certainly help MLS with their plan to become one of the biggest leagues in the world.

David Beckham’s Inter Miami have made no secret of their desire to bring a superstar through their doors, with both Messi and Ronaldo mentioned. Both boss Phil Neville and Beckham know Ronaldo well, and it would be a surprise if they haven’t at least touched base and made their feelings clear.

Whether Ronaldo is ready to make the move out of Europe and away from top-level football just yet is another matter.

Likelihood rating: 3/5 

David Beckham (right) will be desperate to bring a big name to Inter Miami and Ronaldo fits

Paris Saint-Germain

The bookies’ favourite for Ronaldo’s next move – a surprising 7/5 shot – is Paris Saint-Germain. 

The notoriously wealthy French giants already have Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, but Ronaldo would complete an incredible front three in their charge towards a first ever Champions League trophy.

They could, of course, still do it this season and face Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals, but if they miss out again then there will almost certainly be a few million more thrown about in a bid to finally reach the top.

If Ronaldo does indeed leave Juventus, then an offer from another club worthy of winning the Champions League will certainly be an attractive proposition. Having already played in Portugal, England, Spain and Italy, France would represent a chance at something new in the twilight years of his career.

Likelihood rating: 4/5

Neymar (left) was a rival of Ronaldo for a long time, but the pair could play together at PSG

PSG have a formidable front-line already and adding Ronaldo to it would be a huge move

Real Madrid 

The latest reports from Madrid are that there is a genuine chance that Ronaldo could head back to Real. Zinedine Zidane seems keen, Karim Benzema could do with some help in front of goal, and if they don’t win the title this season then there will certainly be some new players coming through the door.

LaLiga president Javier Tebas also said of Ronaldo this week: ‘He continues to make a difference. He is still a genius and a star and he is a man made in Madrid so it would be nice [if he came back].’ 

That said, Spanish clubs hit harder than most by the coronavirus pandemic, and Real Madrid have already spent a large sum on renovating the Bernabeu… so his wages could be a sticking point. 

There are still rumours regarding Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe, and needless to say if money is spent on either of those, then there is absolutely no chance Ronaldo returns.

Likelihood rating: 3/5 

Money could be tight at Real Madrid but certain sections are certainly keen to bring him back

Bayern Munich 

Much like a move to France with PSG, Bayern Munich would certainly represent an exciting new challenge for Ronaldo, who has never played in the Bundesliga. 

They are currently the fourth-favourite destination in the bookies’ eyes, behind PSG, United and Real Madrid.

They too have big dreams of remaining at the top of the European football charts, having won the Champions League last season, but it would be a surprise to see them break the bank to secure one of the biggest names in world football.

When they’re already the best, why spend big on a 36-year-old that can only guarantee them a couple of seasons of top-level football before he heads towards retirement? Don’t rule it out, but this move seems unlikely. 

Likelihood rating: 2/5 

Ronaldo would love a shot in the Bundesliga but Bayern are already flying high without him

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