Manchester United arrive late again as Jose Mourinho walks to Old Trafford for Juventus clash

Jose Mourinho was forced to complete his journey to Old Trafford on foot as traffic delayed Manchester United once again.

The United team met at the Hotel Grand – some 250 yards away from Old Trafford – to ensure that they would arrive on time for Tuesday night’s Champions League clash with Juventus.

Mourinho’s side usually travel from the Lowry Hotel in central Manchester, but changed venue having arrived late for their last late kick-off at Old Trafford against Valencia.

The club was fined €15,000 by Uefa last week after the Valencia kick-off, scheduled for 8.00pm, was delayed by five minutes. 

However, despite staying so close to Old Trafford, United were once again held up for Tuesday’s Juventus clash, with the team bus turning in at 7.09pm – some 50 minutes before kick-off.

Mourinho left the coach and walked up to the ground wearing a hoody but his players took 45 minutes to make the short trip from the Hilton Grand to the ground. 

“We change hotel, it’s just around the corner. The players are in the bus for 45 minutes,” he explained to BT Sport. 

“I walked, with a hoodie, in the middle of the fans, nobody recognised me. I took two minutes. 

“What I do in two minutes walking, the players cannot do in 45 minutes on the bus. But Juventus is having the same kind of problem. 

“I have informed the Uefa delegate about the situation, because we don’t want to be punished again.”

Juventus arrived at the stadium at 6.56pm. Unlike against Valencia, United were able to kick off at the scheduled time of 8.00pm and are unlikely to face any punishment from Uefa.

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