Ridiculous conditions WSL players were made to play in are exposed

The ridiculous conditions that Chelsea and Liverpool players were made to play in are exposed as footage shows women stars sliding on ice, holding on to each other and falling over in the abandoned WSL clash

  • Moments that caused Chelsea’s WSL match to be abandoned have been exposed
  • Chelsea and Liverpool’s game at Kingsmeadow was abandoned six minutes in
  • A frozen pitch originally deemed playable was later ruled unsafe by officials 

The farcical scenes that caused Chelsea’s Women’s Super League clash with Liverpool to be abandoned six minutes into the match have been exposed.

The game was concluded less than ten minutes into proceedings as officials judged the pitch was frozen and unsafe to play on, despite being inspected two hours before kick-off.

Now a video showing various moments from the shortened game that has embarrassed the women’s game have been posted online for all to see.

The conditions of the pitch were deemed unsafe despite a pitch inspection earlier in the day

Ground staff were seen trying to warm the pitch at Kingsmeadow as players warmed up

The video montage shows various Chelsea and Liverpool players sliding around the turf, falling to the ground, and attempting to keep their balance in the icy conditions.

Blues midfielder Erin Cuthbert is shown in one clip sliding to the ground at the Kingsmeadow stadium as she attempts to win the ball back in a tackle.

Erin Cuthbert (blue) takes a tumble on the ice as she tried to win the ball back in the early exchanges

Cuthbert (sliding) again hit the deck in the Liverpool box with the Chelsea star sliding through the rough frozen grass

Cuthbert was again involved when she slid to the floor and looked in pain as she grabbed her thigh that had been grazed by the hard surface.

Another moment focuses on Chelsea defender Niamh Charles, where after getting to her feet takes a forced tumble back down onto the frozen grass.

Other moments show both sets of players sliding and holding on to one another in challenges in an attempt to win the ball back for their respective team.

The video, overlaid with comedic music, ends with the two team captains in discussion with referee Neil Hair as the match is abandoned due to concerns from both groups of players.

Chelsea’s Erin Cuthbert grazed her leg on the frozen pitch while putting in a tackle earlier on in the game

After the match, Chelsea boss Emma Hayes said: ‘You could see from the opening minutes that it was like an ice rink down the sides,’ said Chelsea boss Emma Hayes.

‘The game should never have started. Everyone wanted to get the game on but when you have got emotions of teams wanting or not wanting to play, that’s when you need a decision from above. The FA weren’t here – they need to be making the decision.’

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