The 20 worst Premier League kits of all time

The 20 WORST Premier League kits of all-time… including Man United’s zebra third shirt, Liverpool’s awful strip from their near miss and 2014 and Tottenham’s purple mess

  • Mail Sport counts down the 20 worst kits in history of the Premier League
  • Memorable strips by Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea feature
  • The likes of Ian Wright and Eric Cantona wore the now infamous shirts

Fans may not want to admit it, but most Premier League clubs have had that one truly awful kit. The kind that would make you think twice about buying a replica for fear of ridicule from friends. 

Kits such as these will live long in the memory for their garish appearances, whether it’s Manchester United’s zebra third kit from the 2020-21 campaign or Everton’s ‘lightning pink’ number in 2010. 

Here are the least attractive kits in Premier League history…

 20. SOUTHAMPTON 2019-20 – Away Iconic wearer: Danny Ings

The combination of yellow and grey simply doesn’t work. This Under Armour offering certainly isn’t one of Southampton’s best kits.


Danny Ings wearing Southampton’s 2019-20 away shirt

19. ARSENAL 2012-13 – Away

Iconic wearer: Thomas Vermaelen 

Made out of recycled waste, and no doubt finding itself back in a rubbish bin before long, Nike should have known better than to go with black and purple hoops.

 Thomas Vermaelen sports the Arsenal kit in 2012

18. LIVERPOOL 2014-15 – Third

Iconic wearer: Raheem Sterling

This is the first of two Liverpool kits in this list. Looks a little like they ran out of ideas for jazzing up an otherwise dull black and grey-hooped shirt.

Raheem Sterling in action in the black and red kit

17. MANCHESTER CITY 2021-22 – Third

Iconic wearer: Gabriel Jesus  

Despite being one of the most prominent clubs in world football, City’s third kit for 2021-22 resembled the fake versions of kits that are sold on market stalls. 

Gabriel Jesus wearing City’s 2021-22 third kit

16. CHELSEA 2009-10 – Home

Iconic wearer: Didier Drogba 

Adidas handed Chelsea an unusual panelled kit that was worn on the way to a league and cup double. The Samsung-sponsored shirt wouldn’t win any fashion prizes, though.

Didier Drogba led Chelsea to the title in this kit

15. TOTTENHAM 2021-22 – Third

Iconic wearer: Harry Kane 

An awful outing from Nike, with the combination of purple and grey not working well at all. The various patterns add to the chaos of this shirt and the black trim also seems out of place.

Harry Kane in Tottenham’s 2021-22 third kit

14. EVERTON 2010-11 – Away

Iconic wearer: Phil Jagielka

‘Lightning pink’ was the official name of the colour here and it was certainly shocking. Pink kits can work – just ask Juventus – but the strap and intricate Chang logo make this a mess.

Phil Jagielka wear the ‘lightning pink’ of Everton 

13. WOLVES 2020-21 – Away

Iconic wearer: Pedro Neto 

This blue and white offering from Adidas certainly isn’t one of their best efforts, with the strip looking like it was hastily cobbled together.


Pedro Neto wears the Wolves away shirt from the 2020-21 season

12. MIDDLESBROUGH 1996-97 – Away

Iconic wearer: Fabrizio Ravanelli

What were errea thinking? This was certainly a bit different, anyway. A blue-splashed cross on the front of the shirt is topped only by the huge ‘BORO’ text on the right arm.

Fabrizio Ravanelli in the infamous Boro number 

11. NORWICH 1992-94 – Home

Iconic wearer: Chris Sutton

Norwich re-released this shirt last season. It’s a cult classic for the club’s UEFA Cup exploits from 1993-94 but anything that attracts the nickname ‘the bird-poo kit’ can’t be good.

Chris Sutton in Norwich’s 1992-94 home kit

10. MANCHESTER UNITED 1992-93 – Away

Iconic wearer: Eric Cantona

Another shirt that seemed desperate to be clear about the club it represented, Umbro made the all-too-unsubtle move to superimpose United’s crest on this blue-and-black stained kit. Even Eric Cantona couldn’t pull it off. 

 Eric Cantona attempts to look cool in the United kit

9. COVENTRY 1992-93 – Home

Iconic wearer: Peter Ndlovu 

Both of Coventry’s kits from their maiden Premier League campaign are pretty dreadful but we’ll stick with the home option. Peugeot’s logo is strong and simple but the designers didn’t seem to get the same message.

 Peter Ndlovu wore the kit between 92 and 93

8. BLACKBURN 1996-97 – Away

Iconic wearer: Henning Berg 

More patterns that offered club-crest overkill. Asics rustled together a few sections of Rovers’ badge to form a stripe down one side and a sleeve down the other. 

 Henning Berg in action in the Blackburn 96-97 kit

7. MANCHESTER UNITED 2020-21 – Third

Iconic wearer: Paul Pogba 

One of the most memorable shirts of recent seasons but for all the wrong reasons, Manchester United wore this bizarre zebra-style kit in the 2020-21 campaign. 

Paul Pogba wearing Manchester United’s 2020-21 third kit

6. NOTTINGHAM FOREST 1995-97 – Away

Iconic wearer: Stuart Pearce

Uneven Forest-shaped stains down both breasts ruin what might have been an otherwise-passable Umbro effort with brewers Labatt’s as the sponsor.

Stuart Pearce strides out in the Forest away kit

5. ARSENAL 1991-1993 – Away

Iconic wearer: Ian Wright

A design classic but the hideous arrowed pattern is eye-catching and you could almost miss the adidas, JVC – and most importantly – Arsenal features from the front.

Ian Wright does his best to pull of this Arsenal kit

4. MANCHESTER UNITED 1995-96 – Away

Iconic wearer: Gary Neville

United’s famous ‘invisible’ kit was supposedly hated by the players and Sir Alex Ferguson once binned it at half-time during a game at Southampton – which they went on to lose 3-1 – as he thought his stars were struggling to see each other.

Gary Neville in United’s famous ‘invisible’ kit

3. LIVERPOOL 2013-14 – Third

Iconic wearer: Luis Suarez

The Warrior-Liverpool partnership strikes again. Purple, black and white patterns on the shirt were bad enough but it even came with odd socks. 

Luis Suarez found form despite this Liverpool kit

2. Aston Villa 1993-95 – Away

Iconic wearer: Dean Saunders

Muller could have worked as a sponsor for a decent Villa shirt but black and green stripes, separated by thinner red strips – perhaps not, asics.

Dean Saunders wearing the black, green and red

1. MANCHESTER CITY 1994-96 – Away

Iconic wearer: Paul Walsh

This wasn’t going too badly with City’s classic black and red stripes for an away shirt… that’s until you get to those bizarre white patterned patches.

Paul Walsh wearing the City away shirt in 1995




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