Thomas Tuchel insists Chelsea are "strong enough" not to capitulate this season

Thomas Tuchel insists his Chelsea players are “strong enough” to make sure their season does not fall apart.

Tuchel must lift the gloom after the FA Cup final heartbreak as they face “three cup finals” as they battle to finish in the top four and have also got the Champions League final on May 29.

The Blues face Leicester at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night in a cup final rematch which will be a key battle for a place in the top four and a third consecutive defeat would leave Chelsea's whole season teetering on the brink of disaster.

Chelsea boss Tuchel said: “It’s in our hands and we have another two finals. But we were strong enough to get to the Cup final so I’m pretty sure we are strong enough to handle the situation.

“But that’s the challenge. Is it easy? No. But it’s fun because this is what it is all about. There are a lot of teams out there who are jealous of our situation I can tell you.

“We need a little bit of luck to turn things around – we never lied about that. We said that when we were consistently winning and that hasn’t changed. So I hope the atmosphere isn’t too negative because there is no reason for it.

“Don’t forget we have enough leaders and this is a strong group who deserved very much to be in the final because we had a huge semi-final and for me this group, deserved to win the final.

“We can accept that we didn’t win and that we can improve in some moments of the game. But it was enough to win the game and we were simply unlucky.”

It would be unthinkable for Chelsea to miss out on the top four and that is why Tuchel was brought in to replace Frank Lampard because of the fear of missing out on the Champions League.

But Chelsea cannot afford to lose to Leicester while they face Manchester City in the Champions League final so nothing is guaranteed and Tuchel admits that the defeat to Arsenal last Wednesday was potentially a bigger setback than losing the FA Cup final.

Tuchel added: “Arsenal increased the pressure for the game on Tuesday. Today was an isolated game, it has nothing to do with the race for the top 4 or the Champions League final.

“Arsenal increased the pressure, unfortunately, for Tuesday not this game. This was a different competition.

“If you have a group that arrives in the final, a Champions League final and arrives from ninth placed to be in the race for the top four, there’s no reason to doubt that we are not strong enough to handle the situation.”

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