Tubes admits he’s ‘dreading’ final Soccer AM show and expects floods of tears

Soccer AM legend Tubes, real name Peter Dale, has admitted he's "dreading" the final episode of the iconic Sky Sports show.

Sky announced Soccer AM will hang up its boots after almost 30 years on the air next weekend, after Sky made the decision to axe the programme in March. Speaking on Tubes & Ange Golf Life, he said: "I'm a bit nervous… 100% emotional because that's all I've ever known.

"I've been there since I was 16-years-old. I've been dreading the last show because I 100% think I'm going to cry." He added: "I think it's going to be tough… the buildup, as we get closer and closer to the final show, I think I'm going to get more upset!"

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Tubes was originally an assistant producer on the show, but he took an onscreen role with his comedic appearances. Originally dubbed as 'Peter the Test Tube Baby', he shot to fame as Tubes.

In early appearances Tubes would "ask one question and one question only" to a celebrity guest. However, the question would only be asked after Tubes had performed an elaborate rap.

Tubes survived several personnel changes on the show as his role increased from just asking one question to where he now has his own segment, where he interviews footballers.

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Speaking about Soccer AM in general, Tubes continued: "It has changed, but it had to change!

"Speaking to people who say 'It's not what it used to be', it can't be what it used to be! Because, the way the world has changed, you can't be doing the stuff we were doing back in the day!"

"Some of the jokes [and] some of the innuendos – you can't do stuff like that!" Soccer AM's final show will air on Saturday, May 27, the day before the final round of Premier League fixtures.


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