United star spots glaring name error in adidas' latest kit launch

Adidas correct embarrassing gaffe after misidentifying their OWN athlete Millie Turner in latest Man United kit launch as WSL star spots the glaring name error in their ‘never forget where you came from’ campaign

  • Manchester United’s Millie Turner was misidentified in adidas’ latest campaign
  • The sportswear giants unveiled the club’s latest home kit on Thursday
  • However, they identified Millie as ‘Amy Turner’ – her former United team-mate
  • The United defender took to Twitter to point out the glaring error to adidas
  • They corrected the error on their ‘never forget where you came from’ campaign

Adidas have been forced to correct an embarrassing error on their latest Manchester United kit launch, after Red Devils star Millie Turner pointed out how she had been misidentified as ‘Amy Turner’.

The United defender, who has been at the club for three years and an adidas athlete for two of those, appeared less than impressed as she highlighted the club’s kit suppliers’ error on Thursday.

The 25-year-old was a part of the club’s new home kit launch and was seen modelling the iconic red shirt and white shorts to promote it.

Manchester United’s Millie Turner was misidentified in adidas’ kit launch for the club

In adidas’ ‘never forget where you came from’ kit launch campaign, Millie Turner was identified as her former United team-mate ‘Amy Turner’

However, an eagle-eyed Turner, who is a household name in the Women’s Super League, spotted the glaring error before bringing the sportswear giants corrected their mistake over social media.  

The picture of Millie had the name ‘Amy Turner’ displayed along the side of it, and the screenshot was accompanied by a message to her 32,400 Twitter followers, saying: ‘Considering I’ve been at Manchester United for three years and an adidas athlete for two… You’d like to think adidas would get my name right.’

That was followed by a ‘hand over face’ emoji .

Turner appeared less than impressed as she highlighted adidas’ error over Twitter on Thursday

The 25-year-old’s fellow defender Amy Turner also played for United for the past three years, before joining Orlando Pride last month.

While the error of misidentifying one of your own athletes is fairly embarrassing, the irony of the campaign’s tagline ‘never forget where you came from’ takes it to another level.

Adidas quickly amended the mistake on their website soon after it was pointed out to them by the United defender before issuing an apology in a response to her initial tweet.

Adidas responded: ‘Millie, we messed up and we’re gutted. You’re part of the adidas family and we want to make amends. Let’s get some new shirts out to your biggest fans. Let us know who and we’ll deliver.’ 

The sportswear giants wanted to make up for the mistake after it was pointed out to them

However, past and present players, including Amy Turner and Jess Sigsworth, condemned adidas for the glaring error

Turner’s original tweet went viral with a number of past and present players commenting on the post.

Former United player Jess Sigsworth wrote: ‘Outstanding player, outstanding person and they still can’t get her name right. That would only happen to female players #MustDoBetter’

The player who adidas mistook Turner for, Amy Turner, mocked the company, writing: ”NeVeR FoRgEt WhErE yOu CaMe FrOm’ We must do better!’

And Blackburn Rovers star Natasha Fenton wrote: ‘It’s like big brands are just going through the motions to ‘support’ and ‘promote’ female athletes. It comes across as if they are doing it just because society says so. Shame on you adidas.’

Amy Turner (pictured) spent three years at United before leaving to join Orlando Pride in June

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