Vinicius confronts alleged racist fan and is then sent off despite being choked

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    Vincius Jr was sent off after being choked by a Valencia player and allegedly suffering racial abuse from a fan.

    Real Madrid were 1-0 down at the Mestalla when the Brazilian became enraged with a supporter behind the goal. The 22-year-old was fouled near the by-line before exchanging heated words with the rival fans, who threw objects in his direction.

    He was allegedly racial abuse by the Valencia fan, after which he furiously pointed out the culprit in the stands.

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    Vincius’ teammates sought to calm down the Brazilian, who was simultaneously being confronted by Valencia players. Real Madrid stars could also be seen shouting at the same group of supporters the winger had confronted.

    He then spoke to referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea, who told the stadium manager and the fourth official about the incident.

    Meanwhile, a message had been displayed on the Mestalla big screen urging fans not to throw objects nor ‘insult’ players.

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    It took just 15 minutes for tensions to boil over again, this time with Vinicius at the centre of a brawl started by goalkeeper Giorgi Mamardashvili.

    The shot-stopper shoved Vinicius, prompting him to react angrily before both sets of players got involved.

    The referee initially showed a yellow card to two Valencia players before consulting the VAR screen.

    He then returned to give Vinicius a straight red card after the Madrid forward was seen to have slapped opponent Hugo Duro in the face.

    The former Champions League winner was visibly outraged, signalling to the referee that he himself had been choked by Duro prior to the slap – which video footage supported.

    But Spaniard Duro did not receive a red card for his violent conduct as his side went on to win 1-0.

    Sunday’s La Liga controversy follows repeated racism aimed at Vinicius by teams across the league throughout the 2022/23 campaign.

    Eight separate complaints had been filed by local authorities over racial incidents involving the Madrid star.

    Rio Ferdinand posted on Instagram after the game. He said: "Bro you need protecting… Who is protecting Vinicius Jr in Spain? He receives a red card after bein choked and receiving racial abuse during the game…wtf.

    "How many times do we need to see this young man subjected to this shit? I see pain, I see disgust, I see him needing help… and the authorities don't do shit to help him.

    "People need to stand together and demand more from the authorities that run our game. No one deserves this, yet you are allowing it. There needs to be a unified approach to this otherwise it will be swept under the carpet AGAIN."


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