'Why the red face?': Ferdinand jokingly SNUBS Carragher at the Etihad

Rio Ferdinand jokingly SNUBS Jamie Carragher to greet Micah Richards and Thierry Henry – before asking ‘why the red face?’ – as the pair laugh off their light-hearted feud by the pitch ahead of Man City’s 4-0 win over Real Madrid

  • Rio Ferdinand hilariously blanked Jamie Carragher on Wednesday evening
  • The pair have had a light-hearted feud after they disagreed over a penalty call
  • However, the two put aside their differences before Man City’s win over Real 

Rio Ferdinand joked ‘why the red face’ after hilariously blanking Jamie Carragher by the side of the Etihad pitch to continue their light-hearted feud.

The pair have been taking digs at one another in recent days after Carragher branded the United legend a ‘clown’ over their contrasting views over a penalty call.

And ahead of Manchester City’s emphatic 4-0 win over Real Madrid on Wednesday, Ferdinand was filmed approaching CBS Sports’ panel of Micah Richards, Thierry Henry and Carragher just down the touchline from where he was doing punditry work with BT Sport.

After embracing Richards, Ferdinand can be seen intentionally snubbing Carragher – who was left with a big smile on his face – while Henry greeted the former defender.

But after a few tense seconds, Ferdinand and Carragher buried the hatchet by shaking hands and laughing with each other before embracing.

Rio Ferdinand joked ‘why the red face?’ after blanking Jamie Carragher (right) on Wednesday

The pair shared a laugh and embraced to put an end to their light-hearted feud

Their feud began last week when the pair disagreed over a penalty call during Inter Milan’s 2-0 win over rivals AC Milan. Lautaro Martinez went down in the box, only for the decision to be overturned following consultation with VAR.

Ferdinand believed it should’ve been a spot-kick while Carragher wasn’t convinced.

Carragher said: ‘I think anyone out there who is watching the replay and seeing what VAR do and still believe that is a penalty, they must be a clown.’ He also singled out Rio for holding that opinion when pushed by his fellow pundits.

Using his FIVE platform, Ferdinand spoke up on Carragher’s comments, and the former Man United and England defender said it would be discussed further when the pair met. He also said the 45-year-old was ‘a friend of the show’.

Ferdinand said he was confused by the incident, telling FIVE: ‘Every time I see him it’s all love man. I’m a loving guy, we hug and we shake hands and have a little laugh.

‘I don’t understand why he came in with hostility, it’s a hostile energy and I don’t understand it. He’s been on our show, we see each other and it’s all cool. He used to carry my boots when we were with England, he always showed me love.

‘The thing that might have been, it was [Premier League] Hall of Fame week, that’s the only thing I can think of because me and him are cool. We chat, sometimes text, I just don’t get it man. I’ve only got good energy for him.

The former Liverpool defender singled out Ferdinand during CBS’ Champions League show 

They had differing opinions about the overturned penalty involving Inter’s Lautaro Martinez  

Carragher and Ferdinand – pictured in March – have clashed before over big talking points

‘He’s always messaging me, that’s what I’m saying, it’s madness to me. He always messages me, we’ve been in England teams together, like I said he carries my boots. He’s always shown me love.

‘I don’t know where that energy has come from and that’s all I want him to tell me is where that energy comes from. Is it real energy or not? I need to know so when I see him I’ll ask him.’

Carragher seemed to try and calm matters once the FIVE video was released, responding to Ferdinand on Twitter with a meme featuring Richard Keys that reads ‘It was just banter’.  

Carragher and Ferdinand previously clashed last October, trading tweets regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s involvement at Manchester United under manager Erik ten Hag. 

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