Wigan Athletic players could quit after they were not paid on time

Wigan Athletic players could quit the League One club after they were not paid on time for the SIXTH occasion this season

  • Several Wigan players may quit after being paid late for the sixth time this term
  • The side will begin League One eight points adrift due to financial problems
  • Wigan’s Bahraini owner Abdulrahman Al-Jasmi has put the club up for sale 

Several Wigan Athletic players are considering quitting the club after failing to be paid on time for the sixth occasion this season.

The Latics squad are still waiting for wages due on June 2 and serious discussions are being held within the group about claiming “persistent breach” of contract that, if upheld, would allow them to find other teams.

‘Not all footballers are millionaires. Some struggle to pay their mortgage and other bills when their salaries aren’t met,’ said a source.

‘There is no point players trying to get out of their contracts during the season because the transfer window is shut. But now is the time to look at their options. They are extremely fed up and need some security.’

Wigan were relegated from The Championship last season and have already been deducted eight points for their next campaign in League One after failing to deposit funds to cover their wage bill.

Several Wigan Athletic players may quit the club after they were paid late for a sixth time 

Wigan Athletic’s owners have announced a deal has been agreed to sell the League One club

Bahrani owner Abdulrahman Al-Jasmi has put the club up for sale and last week a statement said they had agreed a deal in principle subject to EFL approval with an unnamed buyer.

However, until there is any official confirmation of a deal, players fear the club could become another Bury who were expelled from the EFL in 2019 after owner Steve Dale was unable to show the money to finance the club and its debts, or to conclude a sale.

Wigan, FA Cup winners are recently as 2013 when current manager Shaun Maloney assisted the winning goal for Ben Watson against Manchester City, are also under a transfer embargo because of a tax issue with HMRC.

It has all left the players seriously considering giving 14-days notice for breach of contract as early as this week.

If Wigan want to try and block them from leaving, the case would then be heard by the EFL’s player-related dispute commission (PRDC) to adjudicate.

Wigan have suffered a troubled history after being relegated from the Premier League in 2013.

Long-time owner Dave Whelan sold to Hong Kong-based company IEC in 2018 and they became the first team to go into administration during Covid with prospects like Joe Gelhardt sold in a 2020 fire sale to keep the club alive.

Since being relegated from the Premier League in 2013, Wigan have gone down a rocky path

Al-Jasmi promised to ‘bring back the glory days’ when he bought the club in 2021 but that hasn’t stopped regular stories about late payments and financial problems.

Defender Steven Caulker accused the owners last month of prioritising which players to pay first dependent on their market value for the club.

‘I might buy a football club next week,’ he posted sarcastically on social media. ‘Put my sponsorship all around the stadium, sign loads of players, promise the fans I am committed, and then when it comes to pay day, just pay 5 or 6 players who I think are an asset to the club.

‘Could you imagine? Again, my thoughts are with the good people of Wigan.’

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