Emma Raducanu had booked visit to see her gran on weekend of US Open final

Emma Raducanu was due to visit her gran in China over the weekend, but she had to delay her trip when something rather important came up.

When the 18-year-old was planning her trip to Shenyang, to the north east of the Asian country, she hadn't for a moment considered she would be still taking part in the US Open on the final weekend, especially considering she had to qualify for the tournament in the first place.

But after shocking the whole tennis world to reach the final of a Grand Slam at only the second attempt, she had to delay her journey.

Her gran will have understood, though, considering the global superstar her grand-daughter has become almost overnight following her historic US Open triumph.

And rebooking her flights at short notice will not have been too financially taxing for Raducanu, as she scooped an eye-watering £1.8m for her US Open triumph and stands to earn a lot more than that in the near future as sponsors clamour to sign her.

The teenager had something of a multicultural upbringing, raised by her Chinese mother Renee and Romanian father Ion after being born in Toronto, Canada.

The Romanian press has also been very keen to play up Raducanu's links to their country, and have claimed she "loves her grandmother's cooking – her other grandparents live in the country's capital of Bucharest.

The Romanian Olympic Committee also said: "Congratulations, Emma! You showed us that in sports anything is possible!

"Live the moment, keep the feeling, share the dream."

Raducanu was most gobsmacked with the message she received from the Queen, who also congratulated her for her achievements in New York over the past three weeks.

"I send my congratulations to you on your success in winning the United States Open Tennis Championships," said Britain's head of state.

"It is a remarkable achievement at such a young age, and testament to your hard work and dedication."

Responding to that message, the teenager said: "I have received the message. I’m incredibly honoured, just blown away.

"I never in my life thought Her Majesty would watch one of my matches. It’s so special, I can’t believe that it’s happening.

"I’m so grateful to have received that message. She’s such a great inspiration and role model for the whole country. I’m maybe going to frame that letter or something."

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