Venus Williams ‘sad to ban Serena’ and jokes she still ‘isn’t welcome’

Serena Williams bids farewell to tennis after US Open defeat

Venus Williams jokingly insists that her sister Serena is barred from her home due to the ‘robberies’ that she commits, every time she visits. The hugely successful tennis sisters are known to be something of a double act off the court as well as on it, often sharing family banter online via their social media channels.

In a number of videos, 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena can be seen ‘stealing’ items from her older sister’s home, but in a recent fan Q&A session on Instagram, Venus explains how her younger sibling is no longer welcome at her abode.

Answering a question in a short video about Serena’s mischievous ways, Venus joked: “Her membership from Palm Beach flex was revoked. So, she’s not welcome at the facilities. And we have an eye out for her to make sure she doesn’t come in to cause mayhem. I’m sad it came to this but I’ve gotta start defending myself. It’s been years. Years! Simply years of her carrying on like his and I’ve got to stand up for mysel.”

Serena’s ‘ban’ was imposed last month after the sisters jokingly engaged in an online ‘disagreement’ that was spawned from incidents occuring in Venus’ home. The younger sister claimed that she had been kicked out of the residence and banned from using Venus’ home gym.

Appearing in a TikTok video Serena said: “Who else thinks it’s totally unfair for Venus to kick me out of her house and say I can’t use her gym? All because I told the truth about how she took so many things of mine. Shall I not speak the truth anymore? Anyways, speaking of the truth, I’m going back, obviously. I’m going back.”

Venus responded by running an online poll asking “Is it unfair?” with the voting options ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Get a lawyer’.

Aside from the humourous feud with her prankster sister, Venus was also asked in her fan Q&A what is the craziest things she has ever done, but the retired star was reluctant to share the details.

She said: “Well, I absolutely can’t say because then my mom would know. We can’t have that happening. But for most part, I don’t do crazy stuff but, you know, there’s a couple of things I’ve done.”

When asked about any ambitions that she did not achieve in the sport, the seven-time Slam winner highlighted the Austrailian Open and French Open near-misses, but was in no doubt as to which tournament has the best trophy.

She said: “Ya, couple of things. Probably like, French Open and Australian Open I’ve come so close. Didn’t quite work out but more than anything, I just want to be healthy.

“I mean, clearly Wimbledon has the best trophy. That trophy’s cool. Yeah, just google it.”

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