Conor McGregor threatens to kill Dustin Poirier ‘in his sleep’ in leaked footage

Conor McGregor appeared to threaten to kill Dustin Poirier while he slept following the conclusion of their trilogy fight at UFC 264.

McGregor was defeated for a second time by 'The Diamond' after snapping his ankle in a freak injury.

The 'Notorious' had a decent start to the fight, but was taken to the ground and dealt some serious damage by Poirier, who used his ground and pound technique to stun the Irishman.

Right at the end of the round, McGregor stepped back after missing a punch and fell to the ground, and moments later it was obvious that he'd broken his leg.

However, after a bitter feud in the build-up to the bout, McGregor kept the trash talk going while laying on the ground receiving treatment.

In leaked footage from octagon-side, McGregor was seen shouting at Poirier and appeared to threaten to kill him.

While brandishing his fingers in the style of a gun, McGregor screamed: "In your sleep you're getting it. In your sleep you're getting it.

"You're getting it when you're sleeping. Trust me on that. Trust me. Be careful what you say."

Poirier took issue with those comments, which were made as the victorious fighter was attempting to give his post-fight interview.

He said: "There's no holds barred when it comes to the trash talk, right?

"Murder isn't something you clown around with. There's no coming back from that.

"This guy was saying he was going to murder me and stuff, that I was going to leave here in a coffin. You don't say that, man. I hope this guy gets back home to his beautiful family."

McGregor vowed he would fight Poirier again, before launching into a rant at the American's wife.

He shouted: "Your wife is in me DM's, hey baby hit me back and we'll chat later on. We'll be at the afterparty, Wynn nightclub, you're looking [sic] you little h**."

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