Colby reveals why Trump is NOT allowed to walk out with him at UFC 296

Colby Covington reveals why Donald Trump is NOT allowed to walk out with him at UFC 296, brands Lebron James a ‘spineless coward’ and dismisses Leon Edwards as ‘a mumbling idiot’ ahead of Las Vegas headliner

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  • He was in colourful and controversial form in pre-fight press conference
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Colby Covington has confirmed that Donald Trump will put the belt on him if he dethrones Leon Edwards at UFC 296 but will not walk him out. 

‘Chaos’ has inextricably linked his personal brand with that of the former president and even planned on being walked out by him at T-Mobile Arena on Saturday. 

Dana White had to put a block on the proposed move. Covington, dressed in a white suit with Trump’s face on the back and signed by the ex-president, said: ‘Dana didn’t let me walk out with Trump, logistically it is too tough. 

‘He said there would be 100 secret service with him and just too much chaos. He’ll be sitting by the cage and I’ll give him a hug before I go in the Octagon.’

Covington, who feels he was unfairly denied the belt in losing against Kamaru Usman twice, compared his career to Trump’s after the 77-year-old’s insistence he was robbed of the last election. 

Colby Covington showed off his Donald Trump-inspired suit at the UFC Apex facility

Colby Covington took aim at Leon Edwards ahead of their UFC 296 showdown

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Covington was last in action against Jorge Masvidal back in March last year 

He went on: ‘It is the same path as Trump. We’ve been cheated out of titles. We can be delayed but not denied. Saturday will determine the best in the world. Donald Trump will wrap the belt around me if I win.

‘I’ll make the welterweight division great again. If Trump doesn’t get re-elected, this country is done.’

Covington was completely dismissive of Edwards’ credentials and continued to push the bizarre narrative that the champion has not been active enough, despite ‘Rocky’ fighting twice since Covington was last in action. 

‘Saturday night you’ll see a different version of myself. I’ll bring out the dog in me and the quit in Leon,’ he went on.

‘I plan on being everything Leon isn’t. A champion for the fans. I care about this company, those guys have made a broke kid from Oregon a millionaire. Edwards had the sniffles and turned down Woodley. 

‘He just wants to sit on the placeholder belt. Daddy Covington is coming. I’m Chaos, unpredictable. If you play with the bull, you’ll get the horns. 

‘Leon is at the bottom end of who I’ve fought. He’s had an easy path, who has he beaten? What is his resume? He never fights younger guys. I’ll expose him as a coward and low IQ idiot. 

Donald Trump will be at the T-Mobile Arena watching Covington on Saturday night 

Leon Edwards echoes Team Renegade’s official statement as to why Garry was kicked out

‘I’m in my prime physically and mentally. I feel I’m well rounded while guys are turning me down. 

‘I never say no. No guy has said yes more than me. Leon said there’s no way Colby would fight for the title… he clearly doesn’t call the shots.’

Edwards was sensational against Usman in defending his title in London earlier this year, but Covington believes he can expose a mental fragility. 

He said: ‘I saw Leon has quit in him in that first fight with Usman. He is a mumbling idiot. Leon has no redeeming qualities. This fight is personal and Colby gets what he wants. 

‘He knows deep down what will happen, I’m a lifetime fighter and the best is yet to come. I want to solidify myself as an all-time great. I have work to do and anyone who wants a superfight needs to come to welterweight. I think I could make 155 and 185 so maybe the first triple champ. I’ll clear out this division first.  

After Covington had finished his tirade and walked out of the media hall in UFC’s Apex HQ in Las Vegas, he returned a couple of minutes later, forgetting to send a message to NBA legend LeBron James. 

He blasted: ‘F***k Lebron James, if you hate this country so much, leave! Go to China or something. You’re a spineless coward and a b***h.’

James has clashed with politicians on the right in the past but this was a seemingly unprovoked and strange final salvo from the fighter. 

If Covington can perform in the octagon on Saturday with as much venom and precision as he does on the mic, Edwards could indeed be in trouble, but that remains a big ‘if’.  

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