Covington claims judges went against him for supporting Trump

Colby Covington absurdly claims he lost against Leon Edwards because ‘the judges hate him for supporting Donald Trump’… after insisting he would not make excuses for UFC 296 defeat

  • Colby Covington was unable to back up his pre-fight talk and lost at UFC 296
  • He claimed judges went against him because they hate Donald Trump 
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Colby Covington has outrageously claimed the judges at UFC 296 went against him because they hate him supporting Donald Trump. 

Trump, who has been closely tied with ‘Chaos’, was cageside to watch him lose against Leon Edwards by unanimous decision in Las Vegas on Saturday night. 

The ex-president was given a thunderous reception but the crowd turned on Covington after he offered very little threat or action during his five-rounder against the Brit. 

In the post-fight press conference, Covington said: I rate my performance a five out of 10 and I could sit here all day making excuses, I should have zigged when I zagged and so on but that’s not the cloth I’m cut from.’

But having said he would not offer any excuses for falling short, moments later he made a gigantic and far-fetched excuse. 

Colby Covington (right) lost a unanimous decision against Leon Edwards (left)

Donald Trump was in the crowd and Colby claimed it swayed judges against him 

He went on: ‘I thought I’d done enough, I thought the third, fourth and fifth were mine easily. 

‘In the third he didn’t put any damage on me, he got a couple of low kicks but I started checking them at the end. 

‘I thought I had the win, I thought I did enough but the judges never favour me, they hate me because I support Trump and everybody hates Trump in this building so it is what it is, life goes on.’

Covington continued: ‘I haven’t had a chance to talk to him (Trump) yet. I’ll probably be able to talk to him afterwards and thank him so much for coming out and making this a spectacle.’

The controversial American enraged Edwards on Thursday for saying he’d see his late father in hell. 

‘Rocky’s’ dad was murdered when he was 13 and Covington then doubled down on Friday, accusing Edwards Sr of being a ‘sex trafficker, drug lord and killer’. 

Edwards dominated throughout against Covington in their five-round headliner 

When asked if this was all just part of his character created to sell fights and whether he regretted his words, Covington said: ‘I’m not a character, I say whatever I want, whenever I want, that’s what bosses do. 

‘In the lead up he say everything is a character. I don’t play a character I’m just myself, I don’t give a f*** what people think of me, why would I care what you guys think about me. 

‘All my haters in the world are not doing better than me. I’m up here selling PPVs, getting the most famous person on planet earth to support me so why would I give a f*** what any of you say or think of me.’

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