Paddy 'The Baddy' and Ferguson trade barbs in WILD two-minute exchange

Paddy Pimblett roasts Tony Ferguson for wearing a watch ‘that looks like it came from a Kinder Egg’ and says he ‘dresses like an eight-year-old’, as UFC 296 rivals clash in wild verbal exchange – also including sausages and ketchup!

  • Paddy Pimblett has been calm all week but exploded into life on Thursday
  • He traded verbal blows with Tony Ferguson ahead of their UFC 296 clash
  • Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett MUST seize his moment in the UFC 296 limelight after seeing his career stutter – The Hook  

Paddy Pimblett has cut a composed figure during UFC 296 fight week but erupted into life in a wild verbal exchange with Tony Ferguson on Thursday. 

In front of the MGM Arena crowd, Ferguson and Pimblett, deliberately positioned at opposite ends of the long press conference table, went toe-to-toe on the mic with some strange consequences.    

‘The Baddy’ is known for his sharp put-downs and Ferguson his unique and occasionally bizarre behaviour so the combination was potent on stage. 

‘In his mind, he already lost,’ taunted Ferguson. 

‘Me? I’ve already lost? Whatever you sausage’, Pimblett replied before the American changed tack and said: ‘Your own country doesn’t even like you, dude.’

Tony Ferguson (left) took aim at Paddy Pimblett (right) in a remarkable verbal exchange

Ferguson and Pimblett faced off for the first time ahead of Saturday night’s clash 

The Liverpool fighter then went after Ferguson for blocking him on Instagram in the lead-up to the fight, suggesting it showed he was mentally weak.  

Pimblett said: Just because every one likes you here, lad. It’ll be funny when you’re on the floor asleep on Saturday night. 

‘I don’t care about you, you’re just another obstacle in the way. You must care because you blocked me. 

‘I’m not so much of a little p***y to care enough to block someone on Instagram. Little sensitive boy. Don’t call me a little boy, I made you making you block me.’

Ferguson then out of nowhere shouted: ‘Make me a cup of tea, b***h.’

Pimblett then found his stride, declaring: Your head has gone. You’re about 14 in the head you little nit.  

When I’m standing over your unconscious body on Saturday night like Michael Chandler you’ll know who the f*****g boy is. 

Ferguson retorted: ‘Keep dreaming, dude. That s*** is not going to happen. Ketchup sandwich, I’m going to cut you so f*****g bad they’ll have to stitch you up.’

Pimblett is desperate to recapture momentum after a year out injured 

‘I want you to’, Pimblett hit back. ‘Cut me open like you said you were going to do. Because I’ll be standing over you, ground and pounding your unconscious skull you f*****g little bum. 

‘I can’t believe you’ve got a suit on. Every other day you’re like an eight-year-old that’s dressed himself for the first time. 

‘You look like a f*****g idiot. Bring the blades out then… you didn’t to your last six opponents. You didn’t do anything against them because you’re an old crab, shut your mouth.’

A clearly riled Ferguson then seethed: ‘You have no f*****g clue, kid. You’re bringing the heat out of me on Saturday.’

‘I hope the old Tony turns up, not this old washed up version’, Pimblett continued. 

Pimblett promised to ground and pound Ferguson’s ‘unconscious skull’ on fight night

‘I already stared you out before and you looked away, I’ve already beat you. Put the mic down with your s****y watch on. Is that a toy watch you’ve got on there. You get that watch out of a Kinder egg? Get it out of a children’s toy? You clown.’

Will there be ketchup? Will there be sausages? Not in the next few hours at least, with both men cutting weight to hit the scales at 155-pounds on Friday morning in Sin City. 

If that goes without a hitch, this weird and wonderful match-up will have the green light for T-Mobile Arena on Saturday night.  

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