Sean Strickland issues ultimatum to Ian Garry after 'awkward run-in'

Sean Strickland issues ultimatum to Ian Machado Garry after claiming they ‘awkwardly’ ran into each other at UFC’s Performance Institute and had to be ‘escorted by security’

  • Strickland claims he bumped into Garry at UFC’s Performance Institute
  • He has urged Garry to leave his wife due to her 2010 book ‘How to Be a WAG’
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Sean Strickland has issued an ultimatum to Ian Garry after claiming that they ran into each other at UFC’s Performance Institute.

Garry and his wife have been the centre of debate in the MMA world in recent times after online users brought up Layla Anna-Lee’s 2010 book ‘How to Be a WAG’.

The ongoing debates and rumours led to UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland urging Garry to leave Anna-Lee, before sharing pictures of a heated conversation with the Irishman. 

Strickland has now taken to social media in which he says that he bumped into Garry at the UFC training facility in Las Vegas. 

‘I went to the P.I. today and I ran into the f***ing cuck, Ian Garry,’ Strickland said on Instagram. 

Sean Strickland claimed he had an awkward experience at UFC’s Performance Institute by bumping into rival Ian Garry who he has been involved in a war of words on social media with

Ian Machado Garry and his wife, Layla, have been the centre of debate in the MMA world throughout the past week 

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‘Awkward, man, awkward. He looked at me hard. Security had to escort us around. F***ing awkward s***, right? I’m laughing my ass off.

‘Garry, I don’t f***ing hate you, I actually like you. I think you’re a f***ing funny little dweeb. You make me f***ing laugh. I think you’re a dumbass f***ing kid who got some p**** that was too good for him and it got in his head and it f***ed you up. I look at you like a victim.’

Strickland went on to issue an ultimatum, insisting that while he doesn’t want to fight Garry, his rival knows where he is. 

‘I don’t wanna fight you, bro,’ Strickland said. I’m happy for your success, I’m happy for you. But if you look at me hard and you’re feeling some kind of way, if you’re feeling like you need to get this s*** f***ing handled, and you want to look at me hard and that’s what you want, slide up in the DMs, bro. 

‘I don’t want it, but if that’s what you want, you know where to find me, man.’ 

Garry holds a perfect 13-0 record which he will look to extend when he faces Vicente Luque at UFC 296 in Las Vegas next week.

UFC will likely want to keep Strickland and Garry away from each other as the Middleweight kingpin also has his

Strickland meanwhile will have his first UFC middleweight title defence when he faces Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 297 next month.

Layla took to Instagram to respond to backlash over a book written in 2010

Layla drew criticism after her book titled ‘How to be a WAG’ re-surfaced on social media

Strickland said he didn’t want to fight Garry (pictured) but told his rival that he knows ‘where he can find him’

Garry’s partner insists her ‘How to be a WAG’ audiobook was a parody which has nothing to do with her own personal life. 

The tongue-in-cheek audiobook released by Layla back in 2010 claims it is a ‘guide to catching the man of your dreams’.

Despite that she and Garry have attracted a lot of attention on social media, with the latter making his Twitter account private.

 “F****** cuck made his tweeter private lmao!!!!!!!!! Yall bullied him too much,” Strickland wrote alongside a screenshot of Garry’s private account.

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