Tom Aspinall sets his sights on becoming an 'undisputed' champion

EXCLUSIVE: UFC star Tom Aspinall claims he has NO interest in a boxing fight, despite previously training with Tyson Fury… as interim heavyweight champion insists his only goal is to become the ‘undisputed’ king

  • Tom Aspinall recently became the UFC’s interim heavyweight champion 
  • Speaking to Mail Sport, the British star revealed what he thinks is next for him 
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British UFC star Tom Aspinall has admitted that he has no interest in a boxing match while he waits for unify his interim heavyweight title. 

Earlier this month, Aspinall became just the third British fighter ever to get their hands on a UFC title after defeating Sergei Pavlovich in the first round at UFC 295. 

It was a momentous occasion for the 30-year-old, who took the fight on short notice following an injury to reigning heavyweight champion Jon Jones – who had been scheduled to headline the card against Stipe Miocic. 

In the wake of his momentous victory, Aspinall has since called for a fight with either Jones and Miocic – despite UFC matchmakers suggesting that the two American stars will face-off against one another. 

It’s an idea that the British champion isn’t fond of and one that could leave him in limbo for up to a year – as Jones looks to recover from a torn pectoral injury. 

British star Tom Aspinall claimed the UFC’s interim heavyweight title after beating Sergei Pavlovich (L) at UFC 295 earlier this month 

The 30-year-old has now claimed his only goal is to become the ‘undisputed’ heavyweight king

When speaking exclusively to Mail Sport, Aspinall admitted that he’s unsure what could be in store for him next within the UFC. 

Asked about whether the UFC had given any indication about his next bout, Aspinall said: ‘Zero at this point. I would love to be sat here today with big news. You know, everywhere I go, I get asked ‘Oh what’s next?’ I don’t know!

‘And that’s the way it works, unfortunately. You don’t get given a date and you don’t get give him a name for quite some time after you fight. 

‘Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. But in this instance right now, I know nothing’.

Rumours had circulated that Aspinall – who has previously trained with heavyweight king Tyson Fury – would be open to stepping inside the boxing ring while he awaits a unification bout. 

Aspinall and Fury were sparring partners during the start of Fury’s comeback in 2018 before linking back up when the Gypsy King took on Francis Ngannou last month. 

However, when pressed on the matter again, the Mancunian distanced himself from the idea and suggested that ‘headlines’ got ‘messed up’ during that week.  

When asked whether he was genuinely intending to step into the boxing ring, Aspinall said: ‘No, it’s not serious. See, this is where headlines and actual interviews get messed up a little bit. 

The interim heavyweight champion insisted he’s been given no indication over his next fight

Aspinall has been a long-term training partner for British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury (R) 

‘If you watch the interview when I was talking about the boxing thing, somebody just asked me would you be interested in boxing? Like, in the meantime. 

‘I was like ‘Yeah, I guess’. That’s all I said on it! It wasn’t like I wasn’t coming out saying ‘I want to box now’ because I’m not going to box. 

‘I’ve got so much work to do in the UFC and I don’t want to be one of these fighters who thinks I’ve done enough work because I’ve got a title.

‘I want to fight for the undisputed title is what I want to do. That’s my goal. And I want to fight a couple of these legends before they retire. 

‘Mate, I’ve got so much work to do over the next… however long, before I even thinking about boxing. So right now, I’m definitely not trying to box. 

‘Do I want to box before the end of my career? Probably but, if I don’t, I’m alright with that as well’. 

As mentioned earlier, reigning UFC heavyweight champion Jones is set to be sidelined until mid-2024 with his pectoral injury. 

And, with the UFC unlikely to strip the legendary fighter of his heavyweight title, it leaves Aspinall in a difficult position. 

Aspinall took the fight on two-and-a-half-weeks notice and delivered an incredible knockout

Jones was originally scheduled to headline the UFC 295 before suffering an injury to his pec

While he suggested he could spend that time ‘improving’, he also admitted he’s unsure as to what else he can do to fill the time.  

‘I’ve got a lot to improve on but I don’t know. I’m the kind of guy who needs something to focus on. 

‘And I wouldn’t really want to go a year without fighting. Like, it’s not really my thing. Like, I’m a fighter – this is how I make money! 

‘This is how I provide for my family. This is what I enjoy. So I don’t know is the honest answer. I would love to sit here and tell you. But I honestly don’t know’. 

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