‘Jerzy Dudek headbutted a security guard and was put in a riot van – it was mad’

In 2007, Craig Bellamy unleashed an astonishing attack on John Arne Riise which saw him try to hit his ex-Liverpool colleague with a golf club.

Infuriated by Riise choosing not to sing at a karaoke drinking session, Bellamy wandered into his room and tried to hit him with one of his golf clubs. Fortunately for Riise, any drink he had consumed had not completely numbed his wits, as he heard the ex-Manchester City and West Ham ace's footsteps and managed to move out of the way in time.

Predictably, the headlines were all about the Welshman and his golf club wielding antics. Nearly 16 years on, Bellamy believes an even crazier incident involving Champions League final hero Jerzy Dudek had taken place on the same night.

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“As I was about to enter my hotel room, the players were coming back, they all steamed into our room and trashed it – it was one of these double-floor rooms, with a downstairs kitchen," Bellamy said on The Overlap, in partnership with Sky Bet. "Steve [Finnan] comes into my room in the morning and says Pako [Ayestarán] and Rafa [Benítez] are downstairs, and they want to see you.

"I go downstairs, and there’s plates everywhere. He’s looking round, and he asks me to tell him what happened. I told him the truth – I couldn’t get out of this one. I thought it was alright – believe it or not – because there was a madder story before it.

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"Jerzy Dudek was out in the evening that same night. He was told to leave the bar and wouldn’t leave. They brought security in and then brought the police in.

"As he was being wrestled by the police, he headbutted a security officer, and he had to be put in a riot van. That night, Rafa had to go into the police station, get Jerzy out, and then Riise had gone to see him, and he had to deal with me. I was thinking I might’ve gotten away with this one, but no – it was bad.”

Incredibly, Liverpool's resulting performance was not affected by the golf club wielding, security officer headbutting shenanigans. In fact, they went on to overcome Barcelona at the Nou Camp with both Bellamy and Riise getting on the scoresheet in a 2-1 away victory.

Bellamy even celebrated his goal by mimicking a golf-swing in front of the football world.

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