Liverpool hero Crouch fears being turned into meme with embarrassing slip on TV

Peter Crouch suffered the ignominy of embarrassing himself on TV after falling over on the floor during a live broadcast. The former Liverpool striker took a hilarious slip in front of millions of viewers when he stepped up on the wet pitch at Molineux before their game against Wolves, prompting laughter from his colleagues.

The former footballer was working for TNT Sports as a pundit before Liverpool’s lunchtime kick-off against Wolves on Saturday when he and fellow ex-professional Joe Cole decided to juggle the football between them.

The 42-year-old then decided to test his skills from outside the box with a crossbar challenge. But when towering Crouch stepped up to the ball, he lost his footing and hit the deck.

Given that Crouch stands at 6’7, making him one of the tallest players to play in the Premier League, it is safe to say it was far from a comfortable fall for the Anfield cult hero. Cole, however, couldn’t stop himself from bursting out in laughter.

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As Crouch picked himself off the slick Molineux turf, the former striker wore a huge grin on his face as he clearly saw the funny side of his embarrassing slip. Presenter Lyndsey Hipgrave then said: “I knew someone was going to fall!”, to which Crouch replied: “Who made me do this, for god’s sake!”

With Hipgrave uncontrollably giggling and Cole struggling to contain his laugher, Crouch – with his tongue firmly in cheek – continued: “Why do they make me do these things? I’m going to be a meme forever now! It’s an absolute disgrace.”

Cole added: “It’s exactly what TNT Sports wanted!”, while Hipgrave ended his dismay by saying: “Peter! Let’s go find you some deep heat or something!”

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Wolves fans behind the goal gave Crouch the appropriate amount of stick and he waved in their direction after the incident. Aside from his scuffed trousers, the TNT Sport pundit was able to carry on his duties – albeit with his pride slightly wounded.

Crouch, who retired from football in 2019 at the age of 38, scored 108 Premier League goals in his career, enjoying his best spells at Tottenham, Portsmouth and Stoke. He bagged 42 goals in 135 appearances for Liverpool before signing for Spurs and later joining Stoke, where he played over 250 games.

Perhaps his best legacy was his record at international level, with Crouch bagging 21 goals in 42 caps for the Three Lions, as well as playing at two World Cups for his country. Now, in his days as a podcaster, he will surely be glad that he reserved that slip for when he was retired, rather than during his playing career.

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