Peter Crouch slips over on TV as cruel fans mock his ‘John Terry impression’

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    Peter Crouch has been savagely mocked for his ‘John Terry impression’ after he fell on his backside live on TNT Sports' coverage of Wolves vs Liverpool.

    Crouch has felt the brunt of fans after he stacked it live on TV whilst taking on fellow pundit Joe Cole at the crossbar challenge on the Molineux pitch. Cole took first and narrowly missed the bar as his effort just dropped low, seeing Crouch quip “Oh, that’s low,” but it was Cole who would have the last laugh.

    The Premier League 100-club hitman stepped up confidently before his standing left foot gave way as he went to strike the ball. His comical effort bounced off his left foot and onto his right before he fell through the air and face-planted onto the turf.

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    Crouch quickly rolled himself over and onto his knees as he couldn’t help but laugh at his misfortunate, as Cole was left in stitches and presenter Lynsey Hipgrave said through her laughter: “I knew someone was going to fall!” Crouch laughed off his embarrassment and said to the cameras: “Who made me do this for God’s sake?”

    The embarrassed pundit continued: “That’s why they make me do these things, I’m going to be a meme forever now, it’s an absolute disgrace.” And fans were quick to prove Crouch’s fears right as screenshots appeared of the 6’7ft striker flying through the air, whilst others reacted on social media.

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    One fan joked: “Crouchy doing his best John Terry impression,” comparing his tumble to former Chelsea captain Terry who slipped and missed the Champions League winning penalty in the final against Manchester United in 2008. Whilst a second added: “Oh man I wish the ground was full!”

    Crouch was able to pick himself back up and the trio continued with their hosting duties through the tears of laughter. Cole and Crouch will cast keen eyes on their former club Liverpool who will climb to the top of the Premier League table with a win at Molineux.

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